Months have passed since the killer barely slipped through the grasp of vicar Aghardt. Winter sets its claws into the countryside, but the priest refuses to give up on his hunt. He stalks frozen moors and rime covered meadows, frantically searching, grasping at shadows.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he knows that also he is fleeing, escaping from a dark truth that he does not want to face. The deeper into the dark wilds he wanders, the more they seem to speak to him. Do they hold the answers?

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Chapter V: Path of the Nix

Dead of night the hunt is on
Heavy feet on frosty ground
Pounding in his skull
The devil must be found

A life in ruins left behind
Past the point of no return
Demon and man
Both will have to burn

On a frozen throne
River roaring to the moon
A bewitching man
Fiddle plays a lonely tune

Do you feel it in your soul
A truth that you don’t want to hear
The only way, my little child
Embrace the thing you fear

On a frozen rock
Slowly waking from a dream
Lies a broken priest
In the middle of the stream

A final prayer
He starts to weep
A sinking book
Into the deep

Chapter VI: Larum

Dreaded path
Up the hill
The only sense
Deepest chill

Cloak so thick
Between the seams
An icy touch
From morbid dreams

Baleful mist
Covers all
Through the fog
The devil’s call

At the gate
Hunters den
Wings above
Turn again

Enter my halls, be so kind
Leave all your troubles behind
Lay down your soul in my hand
That is the price I demand

Chapter VII: Intercession

Lord, i cant hear you
Though the night is cold and still
Just the unrelenting call
From the devil on the hill

Chapter VIII: Terra Inferna

His lantern flickers
On rotting boards
A precious hoard

In nooks and crannies
The hidden truth
His fingers clutching
A little tooth

The scent of flowers
Familiar tones
And then he sees her
Beloved crone

A house of bones
A purple bruise
Around her neck
The devils noose

A fire roars
Into the night
The wings ablaze
Their final flight

Chapter IX: Ceremony

The dream we shared
The sounds of pattering feet
Was to be crushed
A bloody sheet

I failed you then, my love
And in your place
An empty husk, my love
That bore your beautiful face

Now you are gone for me
And all that remains

Chapter X: Laurenthi Berth

Face to face Once again, again, again
We are at the end
For both of us
No return, no way back
We are the end
Submit to me
Grovel in the dirt
Where you belong
We are at the end
The blood is dry
Wings are still
Millstone cracked
We are at end

See the gates before you
Thats your own purgatory
Not to heaven nor to hell
But the end of your story

You and me Side by side, at last
We are at the end
Of brick and stone
Walls are thick
Your new home
We are at the end
Where you belong
There’s no god
No demon song
We are at the end
The closing act
Wings are still
Millstone cracked
We are at the end

See the gates before you
Thats your own purgatory
Not in heaven nor in hell
But the end of your story

Saint Laurenti
In his halls
Cursed sanctum
Padded walls

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