The Story

It’s the dawn of the 20th century. A time of struggle and hardships, but also a breaking point between the old and the new. In the wake of modernisation, the beings of folklore are fading away. The inevitable advancement of science and urbanization spares no place for dusty fairy tales. But, they remain, in the more murky corners of this new modern world, biding their time. From dilapidated ruins and dark forests, they reach out to touch and twist the minds of men, forcing them to perform unspeakable acts.

The Haunting of Silvåkra Mill tells the story of an unfortunate soul that succumbs to an ancient evil, residing in a derelict mill. Inevitably, the force emitting from the mill inflicts death and doom on the surrounding parish inhabitants, who one by one mysteriously disappears. On path to free his parish of this unspeakable malice, Vicar Mortimer Aghardt battles the haunted miller, while hopelessly trying to hold on to his sanity and faith.

The Haunting of silvåkra Mill consist of three acts:

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